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New Generation of Entrepreneurs Programme aims to create 300 small businesses by end of this year (Minister of Employment)

New Generation of Entrepreneurs Programme aims to create 300 small businesses by end of this year (Minister of Employment)

The second phase of the New Generation of Entrepreneurs programme will create 123 small businesses, in addition to the 173 companies created in the first phase. Thus the global number of companies would be towards the end of the current year, of about 300 small companies in the fields, equipment, maintenance of road infrastructures, environment and communications technologies said Wednesday Faouzi Abderrahmen, Minister of Employment and Vocational Training during the works of the National Employment Conference.

During this phase of the programme, which is part of the national employment plan, will be provided, in cooperation with the ministries of equipment, environment and local affairs, communication technologies and digital economy, a framework for the benefit of 123 entrepreneurs to help them create their project in the field of maintenance of road infrastructure, 90 young entrepreneurs who will carry out a project in the field of green economy and 36 entrepreneurs with projects in the field of communication technologies, said Abderrahmen.

This programme, he said, aims to create a new generation of entrepreneurs to renovate the Tunisian economic fabric.

A third phase of this programme will concern the ministries of culture, education, youth, added the minister, recalling the efforts of the State to encourage the creation of projects, by granting public tenders to these companies until they are able to settle in the market and benefit from a competitive position.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Equipment will be created during this second phase of the programme, 81 small companies in addition to 42 others in the study phase.

The Minister of Equipment and Housing, Mohamed Salah Arfaoui, stressed on this occasion that 37% of projects were carried out with success of a total of 92 companies.

Minister of Environment and Local Development Riadh Mouakher highlighted the prospects for the environment and green economy.

As part of an agreement with the Ministry of Employment, 93 companies will be created that will specialise in activities, including sanitation work in rural areas, said Mouakher.

In the first phase of the programme, 29 higher education graduates carried out projects in the environment field.

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