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New project "Inclusive Education” for students with disabilities launches in Tunis

New project "Inclusive Education” for students with disabilities launches in Tunis

A dozen initiatives for the benefit of students with disabilities in the governorates of Bizerte, Siliana and Kebili are among the main components of a new project, called "for an Inclusive Education", launched on Wednesday in Tunis.

The project aims to strengthen the inclusive education of children with disabilities.

Designed since 2015 in partnership with the Federation of Tunisian Associations working in the field of Handicap (FATH) and the Tunisian Organisation for the Defence of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and funded by the French Development Agency (AFD) and the Monaco Princely Government With the support of the Ministry of Education, the project targets Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria.

It spans three and a half years and can finance 12 projects in the governorates of Bizerte, Siliana and Kebili, with a budget of 8 to 10 thousand dinars per project, said project manager Marwa Ben Said.

She added that this project, aimed at primary schools, kindergartens and specialised centres, aims to raise the awareness of three thousand people about the principles of inclusive education, as well as one thousand students with specific needs about their right to inclusive education.

The project's objectives include improving and developing the skills of local actors through the sensitisation of 258 teachers, inspectors and specialised educators and the training of 20 school psychologists and 18 career counsellors on improving the quality of reception and inclusion of children with disabilities in schools, she added.

The project also supports civil society actors by training 33 members of organisations of persons with disabilities and associative and institutional actors in the field of awareness raising techniques, advocacy, local consultation and drafting of local inclusive plans. It is also provides for sensitising 22 volunteers of the Tunisian red crescent to the theme of inclusion.

Three meetings were held in Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria with the participation of specialised educators, with the aim of exchanging expertise on the possibility of setting up the project "for inclusive education" in these countries.

Minister of Education, Hatem Ben Salem said that the number of students with disabilities and beneficiaries of inclusive education is currently 8 thousand in Tunisia.

School integration officer at the Ministry of Education, Ilhem Barboura announced that the department is planning to launch a new project to care for children with autism to promote their integration into school.(TAP)

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